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Short Sales

Short sales are a common solution for many homeowners who want to avoid foreclosure. A short sale can occur when the current market value of the house is less than the balance remaining on the mortgage. In other words, selling the home at market value would not produce enough money to pay off the mortgage, leaving the seller in debt.


In a short sale, the bank agrees to take less money than is actually owed on the mortgage. Why? Because foreclosure can be time consuming and expensive for both sides. Short sales guarantee the bank a fair price in a relatively short period of time.


How can a short sale help me?
For the seller, Reynolds Properties can help negotiate a short sale that will:
• Avoid foreclosure
• Cost virtually nothing
• Get you out of debt
• Harm your credit far less than a foreclosure
• Enable you to stay in your home until you’ve found another place to live


Not all real estate agents have the experience and connections to execute a successful short sale. The team at Reynolds Properties includes real estate professionals and lawyers who are experts in this area.


It is not unusual for us to arrange a short sale for homes that have a pending foreclosure date.


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