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Donald Reynolds

Hello, my name is Donald Reynolds,


I am a Licensed Real Estate Professional located in Wakefield, Mass., about 15 miles north of Boston. I’m a member of the Boston Area Real Estate Investors Association (Boston REIA) with more than 15 years of property management experience.


Combining marketing expertise with a strong network of lawyers, investors, real estate brokers and contractors, we have the resources to provide buyers and sellers with unique opportunities.


If you need a backer for an investment, a broker to fetch the best possible price or an attorney to resolve a tricky legal issue, you’ve come to the right place.


Should you need a contractor, plumber or electrician to repair damaged property, I can enlist the services of a reputable, qualified professional.

Reynolds Properties is one-stop shopping for buying and selling all types of difficult Real Estate.


Reynolds Properties is a real estate solutions company offering property owners creative, workable answers to their most difficult challenges. We believe that even in today’s very difficult real estate market there are a variety of options available to owners. Our goal is to uncover those options in a way that seeks to:

  • UNDERSTAND - each owners unique situation and create a solution that works for them.
  • PARTNER - with all parties through our knowledgeable, collaborative and flexible process.
  • BUILD VALUE – for everyone involved, including owners, buyers and real estate agents

Because our group includes real estate agents, investors, mortgage specialists and attorney's we are able to offer a full range of solutions that are customized to address the specific needs of a property owner.

We always provide information, consultation and referrals at no charge.