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Investing in distressed property can be highly lucrative, but only if you know what, when and how to buy.


Alternative financing is available to those who want to buy property but don’t qualify for a traditional bank mortgage.




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Get a fair market price by working with professionals who specialize in challenging real estate situations.

Whether you’re going through

  • Life change (divorce, unemployment)
  • Foreclosure
  • Probate process


  • Need to liquidate quickly
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Welcome to Reynolds Properties

Reynolds Properties strives to find workable solutions for todays difficult situations, that we are all working to overcome. We provide a variety of services aimed to help our clients resolve their seemingly unsolvable financial problems.

Our approach is unique and innovative. We approach the problem from a risk management perspective - managing the risks associated with home forclosure, by:

  • Finishing construction on incomplete foreclosed homes
  • Rehabilitating damaged foreclosed homes
  • Auctioning homes online
  • Selling homes
  • Occupying vacant homes through our innovative "House Sitter Program"
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